Saigon Rides

Strava-recorded maps of our regular rides around Saigon.

Fatdanironman ratings explained:

Danger Rating: 1= safe enough for a 6 year old, 5= akin to the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan

Vietnam Insanity Rating: 1= are we still in Vietnam, 5= cycling through the collected works of Hieronymus Bosch

An Phu – Cat Lai loop plus time trial.
Distance: approx 75km
Danger Rating: 3
Vietnam Insanity Rating: 3

An Phu – Thu Thiem Tunnel Loop (The Hamster Wheel)
Distance: As long as you want
Danger Rating: usually 2, during rush hour 4
Vietnam Insanity Rating: 2.5

An Phu – Phu My Hung – An Phu (including the only climb of any note in the city)
Distance: approx 90km
Danger Rating: 4
Vietnam Insanity Rating: 4


2 responses to “Saigon Rides

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  2. Surely the ‘Vietnam Insanity Rating’ is an automatic ‘plus 1’ whenever Simple Wayne is riding…

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