Weeks 48 & 49 – Time is winding down

*** This is a short and, essentially, quite boring update. Feel free to skip it and donate money instead http://www.justgiving.com/fatdanironman ***

I began my year of blogging by highlighting the sheer amount of work needed to drag myself from the aftermath of my brother’s stag do last summer, to the start line at Frankfurt. The ‘48 hours of Jagermeister fuelled idiocy’ was a killer and it left me in quite a state (though not as bad as two of my brothers, both of whom ended up in hospital.). I wrote at the time that, as 2012’s competitors were flying round the Frankfurt course, I was taking stock of the chaos around me – I surveyed the mess I was in…My head was in pieces, my body ached and the hotel room was in a state.

It’s only because I value the neat synchronicity of everything ending where it started, and definitely NOT because I thought it’d be a good idea, that the above quote could, hotel room aside, easily be applied to the feeling I had yesterday when I awoke after 11 hours of celebrating the next phase of my training plan. That wasn’t the only reason for my long overdue yet brief return to the world of fun, but it was certainly a driving factor. And about time too.
The plan has finally ticked over into ‘taper’ and the last of the big hours are behind me. Not that I’ve done everything I’m meant to, the past two weeks of 19 & 20 hours respectively proved beyond me, but I’ve always hit my key sessions – the last one of these being the 150km ride and half hour run on Saturday morning. To come through this period of training injury free and feeling relatively good is a major achievement for me – and to mark this auspicious occasion, I went to the pub at 3pm and got home 11 hours later. It’s now Monday afternoon and I still feel terrible.

Hangover aside, I think that I’m in reasonably good shape – I can swim, bike and run as well as I’ve ever been able to and I feel mildly upbeat about the race. I’m also looking forward to getting it done and having some semblance of a life again. The next 3 weeks have a more enjoyable look about them – rides are down to 4 hours, runs top out at 2 hours, the swimming (that I’ve not done for a week) drops in intensity. It means that I’ve had time to turn my attention to other aspects of the race – ordering stuff online, getting the bike serviced, scraping sponsorship together. It also means that I’ve been giving more thought to how best pick on my friends through this blog. More on that next week, but as a sweetener, I’ll share this picture that came my way via an anonymous source. It’s loosely based on a marketing idea for the school that Wayne came up with during one of his frequent descents into madness – all of this is real – pictures of the staff partaking in various athletic activities, with the tagline featured in the picture.

Wayne - marketing genius.

Wayne – marketing genius.

It’s hard to know where to start with this, but I’ll give it a go. Quite why Wayne felt that, while new parents were weighing up which international school to send their children to, a poster displaying the questionable talents of a bunch of rank amateurs would be the tipping point that sent them our way is a mystery. More troubling is Wayne’s bizarre attempt to raise his own profile via the school’s marketing department. We all know how his self-esteem has taken a battering of late – his daughter has recently moved reading book levels and he’s been relegated to third in the list of the most intelligent people in his house – but this smacks of previously unseen levels of desperation. Still, at least he doesn’t look stupid in his uniform.

Training Totals:
Week 48:
Swim – Plan 3 hrs Actual 2hrs
Bike – Plan 9hrs15 Actual 8hrs
Run – Plan 6hrs45 Actual 5hrs

Week 49:
Swim – Plan 3hrs Actual 0 hrs (sore ear again…)
Bike – Plan 10hrs Actual 9hrs
Run – Plan 7hrs Actual 5hrs30

Sponsorship Update
Two weeks in and I’m up to 59% – just short of 600quid raised – which is a good effort so far. Charlie reckons I’d have raised a lot more if I’d made more of an effort to be popular, but meh… If you’ve not sponsored me yet, please do: http://www.justgiving.com/fatdanironman. If you have been kind enough to donate money, then massive thank yous are in order – it’s genuinely appreciated.


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